Fundraising Comic Firefly Cinemas allows you to put on a unique fundraising event that sure beats the traditional methods of trying to raise funds for your worthy cause or charity.

Based in Wellington, but covering the whole country, we run New Zealand’s only drive-in cinema. We also have smaller setup’s that allow for open-air picnic nights on the grass. Each summer we host a range of diverse movies on our massive 40ft screen. Click here to see our past events.

Our fundraising model allows you to generate some serious money for your cause while having some fun putting on a seriously unique event.

If the below option doesnt suit your unique circumstances, please get in touch with us to discuss – we’re happy to work on something special, just for you.

If you would like to go ahead with the below option below please contact us!



Running Your Own Fundraising Event

Not only can running your own event raise some serious money for your cause, but it’s a fun & exciting event for your community to attend. Also by getting lots of people in one area for a movie, you can piggy back off this to raise even more money through extra sales such as BBQ’s, popcorn, drinks and lollies!

We have structured our pricing to allow your event to go ahead with very low ticket numbers. Previously you had to sell over 100 tickets to ensure your event went ahead to cover our setup & movie licensing requirements. Now your event will go ahead if you sell at least 30 tickets!

The below options are for a Walk-In – Outdoor Movie type event as opposed to a Drive-In movie event, with the fundraiser designed to be held at your own venue. You will need to provide the venue with a suitable sized area for people to sit, this could be an outdoor grassy area or an indoor hall etc. As well as single phase power on site, toilets nearby are also a good option. We will provide our inflatable outdoor movie screen and everything else required to put on a movie including all sound and projection equipment and movie licensing. We can play 99% of movies that have been released onto DVD.

Tickets are $30 for 4 adults, or 2 adults and up to 4 children.

Sell 30 tickets

Your event goes ahead, but you wont make any money directly from ticket sales (but can still make some serious money through extra sales such as BBQ’s, popcorn, drinks and lollies)

Sell 31-60 tickets

Make $10 from every ticket sold in this bracket.

Sell 61+ tickets

Make $15 from every ticket sold in this bracket.

Example: You sell 100 tickets to an outdoor event on your lawn.

First 30 tickets: $0 (Your event still goes ahead with opportunity to still raise money through other means  on the night)

31-60 Bracket: 29 tickets @ $10ea = $290

61+ Bracket: 39 tickets @ $15ea = $585

Total money raised: $875