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Firefly Cinemas is New Zealand’s only Drive-In Movie Cinema!

Founded in November 2013, Firefly Cinemas held a very successful and buzzing first summer season at Trentham Racecourse through to April 2014. Over the past 3 years, it has continued to grow and has a large following of fans and supporters.

We are now taking our product and service to the whole of Aotearoa, and wanting all of New Zealand to experience the joy of an outdoor drive-in movie.

With over 5000 people attending last summer, you can be sure your advertising is reaching a large, engaged and very readable target market – but this is only just the beginning of our investment options. Firefly Cinemas has a huge range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities – unparalleled in value and uniqueness – with something to suit every budget.

Ready to advertise? Read our spec sheet here.

Advertising Features

  • Up to 200-500 people at each movie session
  • The audience is from the local community enabling you to advertise to a target area
  • Only ten available slots per movie session
  • 30 second long adverts (additional slots can be purchased for a longer advert)
  • Static images or moving videos
  • Rotated continuously prior to the movie
  • Logo on all printed collateral for movie session (flyers, posters, movie listings, and invites etc)
  • Any supplied merchandise (flyers, giveaways etc) will be given to audience on arrival
  • Special offers to ticket holders, who can redeem directly from you with their ticket to help monitor your ROI.
  • Two car tickets for you or your clients to attend each movie session

Why advertise with us?

  • Captive and attentive audiences.
  • Unrivalled advertising impact.
  • Sought after demographics.
  • Uncluttered media environment.
  • Premium programming showing first-run movies.
  • Fully accountable audience measurement system.
  • Memorable and unique event.


Exclusive Sponsorship Pack

Exclusively claim naming rights & Firefly’s exposure becomes advertising for you!

For the duration of the season, the Exclusive Sponsor is entitled to the following rare opportunities:

Naming rights eg. “Mitre 10 Mega presents Firefly Cinemas” for:

  • Regular radio advertising on all mediaworks stations
  • Press coverage (Front page Upper Hutt leader The Dominion Post – see our press section for last years coverage
  • All marketing collateral listed below:

Logo on all marketing collateral

  • On site 2 x 3 metre billboard
  • Website, posters, flyers, programmes and tickets
  • Weekly newsletters to 1000+ subscribers

Display any brand advertising at the events eg. flags, vehicles etc.

We provide pre-show entertainment via an interactive social “wall” on our big screen, where movie-goers vote for playlist songs and post photos instantly. Get your brand photographed and become associated with this great experience (you can get a taste for how this works here & you can also see all the content that this interactive social wall on our  Social Buzz Page)

AND claim every unique advertising avenue we have – in generous helpings!

The Exclusive Sponsor is also entitled to:

  • Double one minute commercial spot before and after every screening – with free one-off professional video production!
  • Marketing collateral handed out before every screening – flyers, complimentary/discount coupons etc.
  • Exclusive “tower” display banner on homepage of the website – including free professional design, updated monthly!
  • Up to four exclusive email campaigns, with competitions also promoted via Facebook, website news, and screenings
  • Ten complimentary car tickets to every Firefly screening – great for client gifts or staff incentives!


More advertising options available in our media kit!


Haven’t got advertising content?

Let our graphic design team design your advert for you. Simply provide the content, wording, logos & photos – and we will design something eye catching. There is a one-time fee to create your advert, however if you purchase 5 sessions or more – this will be free.

Want to create a 30 second advert showcasing your business? We have teamed up with Brady Dyer Photography to provide low-cost high-quality videos for your business. For $2,000 our marketing team will work with your business to develop a professional 30 second advert which we will display in your allocated slot, and you will be free to use on any other platforms.

All prices are in NZD & Exclude GST.