Trentham Racecourse site for region’s first drive-in cinema


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PRE-SALE tickets are moving fast for Wellington region’s first drive-in movie cinema – and they only went on sale yesterday.

Firefly Cinemas will open to the public at Trentham Racecourse from November 27 until the end of daylight saving.

Entrepreneurs Jonno Morrissey and Brady Dyer have been planning the drive-in for about a year and a half now.

Mr Morrissey was inspired after seeing pop-up drive in cinemas in Australia and at the resurgence in popularity of drive-in cinemas in the United States.

“People are getting bored with multiplexes and are after a different experience and a more intimate way to watch movies.

“Similar trends with more boutique cinemas here in Wellington.”

After talking to his cousin about the idea, Mr Morrissey was put in touch with Mr Dyer who had similar ideas and together they began crafting a plan.

Morrissey, who describes himself as a movie buff, said the cinema will fit in well with Wellington’s film culture.

“Wellington is a film-centric city, we have a lot of boutique movie cinemas, film festivals as well as being the home of Peter Jackson and Weta Workshop.”

Part of that plan includes showing short films produced locally before feature films such as , Lion King and Fight Club, which screen in the opening week.

“We want to be a part of the Wellington film culture by supporting New Zealand films as much as possible including independent and student films.”

Firefly Cinemas will be able to accommodate 120 cars at each showing and tickets for normal screens are $30 per vehicle.

Movie-goers will be able to tune in via their car radio thanks to an FM transmitter with a PA system on hand for those unable too.

While the full summer line–up in yet to be released, the opening week will show The Lion King, Fight Club, Avatar and Anchor Man.

Tickets can be purchased at